What is an IECExOne™ Software?

IECExOne (Ex inspection and maintenance) software is a tool for IEC 60079-14, IEC 60079-17, and IEC 60079-19 that sets the quality management system (QMS) requirements. IECExOne software is used by Service Facilities involved in the inspection and maintenance of Ex equipment.

IECExOne software also sets out the requirements for IEC standards and allows approved inspectors to issue IECEx Certificates of Conformity to Facilities. These requirements form the basis of surveillance of IEC standards (ISO 80079, IEC 60079).

IECExOne software is used in various processes such as transportable devices, assembly and installation, commissioning, setting, process changeover, operation, cleaning, maintenance, and inspections by IECEx Experts.

IECExOne software is used by Ex-installation designers, operators, and other specialists who work in explosive atmospheres.

After the plant or equipment is brought into service, it undergoes an initial inspection as part of the commissioning and start-up procedures. IECExOne software helps ensure that installations are maintained in a satisfactory condition for continued use within a hazardous area through regular periodic inspections or continuous supervision by skilled personnel, along with necessary maintenance.

IECExOne software team created software that also records studies automatically. Your studies are saved and easily exported to the XLS file so that you can make a report.

Where to Use IECExOne™ Applications?

IECExOne software is widely used in various industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, offshore, onshore, chemical, steel, power generation, and heavy engineering. It follows industry standards, ATEX requirements, HAZLOC requirements, IEC, and ISO standards for Hazardous Area Inspections. IECExOne software is utilized by experts, inspectors, operators, manufacturers, and distributors.

IECExOne software utilizes the IEC 600079-17 Standard for inspections and offers services for inspections, installation, maintenance, and consultancy.

Key Features of an IECExOne™ Software

The IECExOne software includes the following features:

  • Perform detailed initial verification inspections to ensure compliance with IEC 60079-14 and IEC 60079-17 requirements.
  • Perform visual and close inspections to ensure compliance with IEC 60079-14 and IEC 60079-17 requirements.
  • Populate the IECExOne Software Database with inspection data for each certified or non-certified item.
  • Generate reports for each piece of equipment based on the entered data.

The equipment data entered into the IECExOne database includes information such as equipment tag number, manufacturer, model, equipment group and category, explosive atmosphere classification, hazardous area temperature rating, protection concept, and more.

Utilizing the client's Project Ex Guidance document and supporting certification documentation, the IECExOne software interprets the IEC 60079-17 questions, validates compliance, and produces reports with any deviations from the standards and general engineering specifications.

IECExOne Inspector assesses any non-conformances identified and provides a Certificate of Inspection along with a corrective management plan if required.

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